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About Us.

Company Synopsis.

eZpay, LLC was founded in 2011 as a separate entity that specializes in primarily ecommerce merchants in specific verticals that operate in the B to B and B to C merchant space. We offer additional services such as electronic checks and IVR (Integrated Voice Recognition) as well as software integrations with many providers in the Insurance and Premium Finance space. The company is privately owned and conducts all business operations from their offices in Melville, New York.


Patrick Hayes,

Director Of Online Payment Systems

As one of the founding partners, Pat has helped to launch EVO eZpay, LLC. for specific target markets in the financial, municipal, and insurance sectors. He has helped to train other employees of EVO and has written numerous articles on how the Xpress-pay.com business model can be incorporated into any industry that has an online presence. He has worked with software providers in these different market segments to provide a total integrated payment portal that works seamlessly with many different developers. Some of the accounts that Pat has been the single point of contact for are the D’Addario and Company, Town of Riverhead, Nassau County Bridge Authority and the Office of the Nassau County Clerk.

Connie Brooks,

Customer Service

Connie supports eZpay’s existing customer relations. Connie began working for eZpay with over 10 years of experience in EVO Payments International’s Customer Service call center as the Team Lead. Connie brings an expertise in all EVO back-end systems, which includes researching and understanding credit card rates, the lifecycle of transactions and fulfilling requests for updated customer information.