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Our Services

Electronic Checks.

Your customers will appreciate the ease of paying by e-check right from your website. At ezPay, we charge a nominal flat fee, not a percentage, regardless of the amount. It’s a great option for large dollar transaction amounts.

Bill Presentment.

Take “human error” out of the equation. We will upload your Receivables file into our secure portal and present the actual bill to the visitor by simply identifying an Invoice or Policy Number. Your customers will be presented with the exact amount owed and can even print out a copy of their bill by clicking on a “View Bill” hyperlink.

Custom Branding.

We will custom brand your payment portal with the company name, logo and/or masthead from your website. This feature gives the visitor the feeling that they have never left your website even though they have been re-directed to the secure payment portal.


Voice Recognition.

We provide the ability to have your customers make payments via telephone using a dedicated toll free 800 number that is custom scripted to your business. Payment information will be securely and instantly verified with no additional charge if the call is dropped or transaction is not completed.

Recurring Payments.

Give your customers the ability to set up automatic payments by credit card or echeck on their terms. The customer sets up the frequency (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.) and the amount of the payment. Our site fee model can even be used with recurring payments.


Mobile Payments.

Our payment gateway is optimized for all devices, from laptops to tablets to smart phones. With our custom QR code capability, you can market your payment option on any printed item. Customers just snap a picture of your QR code and they’ll be automatically routed to your payment screen.

Cardholder Storage.

With Xpress-pay.com, once the visitor creates an account on our secure portal, all card information can be stored for ANY Xpress-pay transaction. Our “digital wallet” allows a customer to pay any merchant that is using Xpress-pay without having to re-enter card information. Pay multiple merchants just by setting up your account once!


Detailed Reporting.

Once the transactions start rolling in, log into your account from anywhere to run real-time, detailed payment reports. Easily reconcile bank statements and deposits and assist your customers with questions on the fly—whether you’re in the field or on vacation.